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SiWC started life in 2020. Our ambition is to become a leading brewery specialising in the production of low-alcohol and alcohol free beers and to open a series of accessible, inclusive pubs, which reflect the communities they serve.

Through an intensive R&D process, we’ve developed effective methods for producing high quality drinkable alcohol free and lower alcohol beers and have created a unique range of beers.  These are beers you’ll remember.

Having refined our methods, the next step is to launch commercial production of these memorable recipes though our brewing partners whilst continuing to develop further recipes to launch later in the year. In the short term, these beers will only be available online and through specialist local retailers.

Down the line we look forward to opening a number of pubs which will be known for being the most inclusive and accessible in the UK.  As our

workforce grows, we are committed to proactively employing people from disadvantaged groups and those underrepresented in the workforce today. We want to run a successful company but ensure that we give back to our customer communities.  We want to be your “local” pub in every sense of the word.

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You may notice a few of our Sheepies around the website. Almost every Sheepie represents someone who has been fundamental in getting SiWC to where it is. A group of brilliant individuals have come together and despite lockdown, time zone differences, general life and even being taken into hospital, worked together to get SiWC where it is today - ready to launch in the summer of 2021.


From Matty: This team is brilliant, and I look forward to releasing more information on them as time goes by, but for now - thank you*.


See if you can spot the ex-college American football player, fitness junkie, adventurer archaeologist wannabe, PC gamer and others represented around our site.



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Matty Dixon


The founder of SiWC and owner of Max the Dog. He likes skiing and, conveniently, beer.

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John Chadwick

The Scientist

John is a hematology clinical research fellow, with a medical degree, medical and molecular biosciences Masters and a PhD in leukemia biology. He is far too good for Matty.

    *you aren’t done yet, get back to work…